Chapter: What We Owe The Future

Reform the Health Care Tax Exclusion

Currently, employer-provided health insurance is excluded from federal taxation. This tax exclusion represents the largest tax expenditure in the federal budget, leading to an estimated

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Make Benefits More Progressive

Social Security’s current benefit formula is progressive, where beneficiaries with lower lifetime earnings receive higher benefits compared to their earnings than those with higher lifetime

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Medicare Premium Support

In 2021, Federal spending on Medicare amounted to $689 billion or 3.1% of GDP. Government actuaries project Medicare’s hospital insurance trust fund will go insolvent

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Other Medicare

Medicare is an extraordinarily complex program, consisting of four parts that provide payments to health care providers to reimburse them for health care services or

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Medicaid & Malpractice

In addition to Medicare savings, the plan assumes savings in the Medicaid program and through malpractice reform. Medicaid is a joint Federal-state health care program

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